3D Animation

3D animation is the process of creating moving images in a three-dimensional (3D) environment. This creates a more realistic look and a feeling of depth. With 3D, it is possible to create stylized designs or characters that give a more cartoony feeling. It is also perfect for realistic pieces and designs such as high tech objects.


What is the price of a 3D Animation video?

The answer is – the price ranges, vastly. The final cost of a 3D Animation video depends on a number of variables, some of the most significant being the type of scenes that we’ll have to animate, the level of
quality of the expected 3D renderings (from the simplest to the most realistic), video length and audio options. Let’s look at technique a little closer. The resources required from one style to the next can
vary greatly, for example doing a realistic 3D scene versus a simplistic low poly driven one. It is therefore best to contact us with graphic, image or animated references so that we can quickly estimate your expectations.

Other factors like voice over or music score will further affect the final pricing. Voice over costs can depend on actors’ experience or on how specific the voice request is. And the same for the music track.
So how do we get your final number? Having a clear understanding of your project needs will help us optimize our resources and create a comprehensive quote that best meets the desired end result.

How long does it take to create an animation video?

You may have guessed, the actual time to complete an animation video ultimately depends on the details of each project. Factors like whether or not the client is providing content, like illustrations and script, will effect the production schedule. Of course, having ready-made content is more time efficient. Other aspects to consider include the difficulty of illustrations or animation required for the brief. Animation techniques like 2D or 3D Animation are more time consuming, compared to automated like with After Effects in Motion Graphics. It’s certainly recommended to allow for an average of at least 4 weeks lead time for a new project request. Changes in art direction or any delay in feedback steps should also be taken into consideration for the final timeline.

Are animation and VFX the same?

Though both are prevalent in the same creative industry, animation and visual effects (also known as VFX) are not actually the same things. What defines one from the other? Animation refers to creating movement within either shapes, characters, or text. Examples of different styles of animation include After Effects animation, traditional/cel animation, mixed media, 2D, 2.5D, and 3D animation. Visual effects, on the other hand, are visual creations that are mainly applied to live footage recordings, often representing elements needed to complete a scene. Visual effects achieves this through methods ranging from green screen keying to CGI element creation (e.g. fire, water) of items that can not be physically recorded. Even the clean up process of a film that requires cable extractions can fall under the same umbrella. Each in their own capacity can be very powerful communication instruments. 

Do I need animation experience to work with a 3D animation studio?

Although you could use any 3D animation knowledge to your advantage, it’s definitely not necessary to engage with us in creating an awesome, custom 3D animation video. Our skillful FEVR team not only consists of talented animators, but of highly experienced, client-facing producers who ensure you collaborate throughout the production process with confidence. From the more technical aspects of 3D aspects, modeling, lighting, rendering, to art direction, to project management, you’ll be provided clear understanding and approve all creation as it moves through the production cycle. That’s how FEVR consistently delivers exceptional 3D animation work our clients love.