Character Animation

Character animation is a type of animation that brings character illustrations to life using storytelling. We can shape characters to take on a desired personality, experience specific emotions, to embark them on an adventure and tell your story in a nice digital way. Characters are captivating. They ignite curiosity, empathy, love and happy feelings.


Why use character animation?

With the enormous growth of social media communication, more people day to day are turning to character animation. Be it from a business point of view, or just as a fun way to animate a company mascot or logo. A benefit of character animation is that it doesn’t require actors or expensive locations. There are no sets to build or locations to find, no studios to rent, and no filming canceled due to bad weather… Saving you money, time, and energy. The possibilities with character animation are pretty endless, and due to its fast-paced growth, it has become more accessible. There are so many advantages to using character animation.

What is Character Animation?

We’ve all been there. Some real-life challenges that we all share can be best represented in video by character animation. How does it get done? Animators apply motion to characters within a 2D or 3D context. Combined with the processes of technical drawing and creating object-oriented frameworks to make character sequences, creators also have to develop many other, more concept-based traits through animation, like how the character thinks, behaves and moves, creating relatability for the viewer. 

How character animation is made?

Character Animation is a process that encompasses several steps that build congruently to create a comprehensive animation video. First step is character design research. Doing a character study is essential to move into illustration and create different variations of frontal and side views. Once a character has been designed and selected, we analyze what is the best way to animate. For us humans to move, we use our joints, character animation works the same way. Joints are needed to “rig” give proper movement to the character. After joints are made, the character is ready to be rigged. In this stage, walk, flying, or jumping cycles are made by setting specific motion keyframes and play the movements on loop.