Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are short-form videos usually used to understand complex ideas or concepts in simple, engaging, and meaningful ways in less than 90 seconds. Explainer videos are ideally suited to highlight a company’s product or service on a website homepage or to advertise on social media.


What is an explainer video?

An explainer video or “explanatory video” is an animation produced in motion design or motion graphics that aims to explain a particular concept or subject. These graphic animations can cover many themes ranging from the presentation of the company or some of its products or brands, to more specific content such as educational videos, HR or financial information, data, product demonstrations, marketing videos, to list just a few examples of use here. The expected quality of this explainer video content being variable, it is advisable to adapt the numerous animation techniques to the client’s needs and budget.

What is the price of an explainer video?

The answer is — it ranges, vastly. The final cost of an explainer video depends on a number of variables, some of the most significant being the animation style, animation technique, video length and audio (including voice over, music and sound FX). Let’s look at technique a little closer. The resources required from one technique to the next can vary greatly, we’re talking tens of thousands of dollars even. We see a good example of this disparity when comparing Motion Graphics (vector animation) and cel animation. Because cel animation is created frame by frame, providing for completely custom, highly sophisticated motion, production is much more skill intensive and time consuming, which results in a more expensive video.

Other factors like Voice Over and Illustrations will further effect the bottom line. Voice over costs can depend on actors’ experience or on how specific the voice request is. Illustration prices are not one-size-fits-all either; simpler graphics can be a lot more budget-friendly, while more layered and elaborate character or landscape designs will increase the price tag. So how do we get your final number? Having a clear understanding of your project needs will help us optimize your resources and create a comprehensive animation that best meets your goals.

What are Corporate Videos?

A corporate video is defined as ‘non-advertisement based video content’ commissioned by a business entity for internal deployment and most often for the purpose of raising overall company awareness. These Motion Graphics, Motion Design, 2D 3D Animations can be formatted as training, instructional, or safety videos for employees, new product demos, or company introductions to new clients, just to name a few use instances. Because the video objective can often be simple and direct, relatively simple animation techniques can drive clear messaging and brand consistency. Positive responsiveness