Motion Design

Motion design is a type of video animation that brings graphic and artistic elements to life. By composing eye-catching movement with illustrations, pictures, typography, and shapes. Motion design is a major part of marketing and communication strategies across all industries.


What is motion design video?

A motion design video is a type of video that incorporates dynamic visual elements in motion, such as graphics, animation, and special effects, to enhance the overall look and feel of the production. It is used in film, TV, advertising, and social media. Motion design is the process of bringing a still image or illustration to life. Whether it’s graphic design or illustration, still art is brought to a new level once animation is incorporated, making a design more elaborate and offering an entirely new stimulating experience. Graphic design and concept remain of high importance. If a motion graphics design has a strong concept, graphic base, it’s sought to be a good motion design piece if the proper animation is applied. As motion design has been around for quite some time it is now stronger than ever and evolving within days with new technologies as they come out.

Why motion design is important?

In addition to being a magical form of expression, motion design is a significant part in business and social communication because of its special impact on an audience, alternate to that of still image. In just the last few years, motion design has become an essential ingredient in marketing plans for brands of all sizes, given the ubiquitous presence of social networks and digital devices in our lives that serve as new media platforms. Motion design is dynamic and as a whole, encompasses several types of styles (2D, 3D, mixed, etc.), their signature effects used to engage viewers in different ways.

Motion design is one of the most dynamic tools to produce videos, colorful and animated communication media, and is compatible with website advertising, event broadcasts, or company trainings. Motion design in its fun and intriguing nature exists all over social media – Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn – and will continue to develop as a central medium of communication for many more years.

Is motion design good for companies of all sizes?

Indeed, it is! Not only are the benefits of video animation prolific, but there are animation and motion graphics solutions for every budget! Engaging and impactful on audiences, motion design is an integral part of marketing and communication strategies across all industries. From website explainer videos to campaign sizzle videos, as social media as well, motion design plays a significant role in communication and connecting viewers to messaging in a highly effective way. Although we work a lot with large companies, at FEVR we also regularly support young companies, startups or non-profits in the creation of their motion design videos.

What are interactive motion design?

Interactive motion design is animated visual elements that are interactive with the viewer- a click of a button or body motion prompt, for example. This type of motion design is used mainly to show data where a viewer presses exactly what they want to see and the information will animate out. This style of animation is also gaining popularity within the art scene. Big interactive motion design installations are starting to be one of the main “new” attractions in museums and galleries. As technology is evolving these are starting to be more present and still considered a pretty innovative tool to use. Either for art or as an actual informative source for a product or a cause. So if you’re trying to get a viewer’s attention, It’ll definitely create an impact.

How to make motion design?

To make a motion design piece, a few steps need to be taken. The very first step should always be the concept design, and asking imperative questions to develop this like, what is it that we’re trying to show? What problem are we trying to solve? In which style will we be able to accomplish this best? After having answers to these questions we move on to the script phase. Some videos that require a voice over need to have a script ready. This is important to have before jumping into a storyboard. In the illustration/storyboarding phase, we lay out different frames that will show each step of the storyline according to the script available. Not all videos have to have a voice over. Some are mainly driven by the text animation or just a message delivered through shape animation. Once the storyboard is laid out and approved, we move on to the animation stage where we bring everything to life. As a final step, sound is added. Sound effects to make emphasis on certain actions of the animation.

What is the price of a motion design video?

The answer is — it ranges, vastly. The final cost of a motion design video depends on a number of variables, some of the most significant being the animation style, animation technique, video length and options like audio or copywriting. Let’s look at technique a little closer. The resources required from one technique to the next can vary greatly, we’re talking tens of thousands of dollars even. We see a good example of this disparity when comparing Motion Design (vector animation) and 2D Tradi (traditional or cel) animation. Because Tradi is created frame by frame, providing for completely custom, highly sophisticated motion, production is much more skill intensive and time consuming, which results in a more expensive video. Motion Design is then a great and cheaper option!

Other factors like Voice Over and Illustrations will further effect the bottom line. Voice over costs can depend on actors’ experience or on how specific the voice request is. Illustration prices are not one-size-fits-all either; simpler graphics can be a lot more budget-friendly, while more layered and elaborate character or landscape designs will increase the price tag. So how do we get your final number? Having a clear understanding of your project needs will help us optimize your resources and create a comprehensive motion design animation that best meets your goals.