VIRGIN ORBIT – Explainer Video

Virgin Orbit is a company within the Virgin Group that plans to provide launch services for small satellites. We provided the Virgin team with art direction, character design, cel animation and Motion Graphics. And right before the “launch” we did a nice sound track for it.

Virgin Orbit Launcher One illustration animation motion design FEVR NYC

We started this unique project by working on the script, which would become the voice-over text for the film. At the same time, we conducted graphic research to position the characters and design within the client’s desired universe, while retaining key elements of their visual identity. Before starting the character animation, we created a storyboard, depicting all the scenes of the film. At this stage, the client was able to get a clear idea of what their video would look like, while maintaining the flexibility to make certain changes easily and quickly.

Virgin Orbit Storyboard FEVR Motion Design Agency Los Angeles

Based in Long Beach, California, the company was formed in 2017 to develop the air-launched LauncherOne rocket, which was set in motion from the Cosmic Girl aircraft, a previous project of Virgin Galactic.

Virgin sees space as an extraordinary source for positive change here on Earth, and we at FEVR are proud to be chosen by the Virgin Group to tell this wonderful story. Richard Branson APPROVED!

Virgin Richard Branson illustration cintiq tablet FEVR Studio

An explainer video is a concise and engaging tool that captures viewers’ attention quickly and effectively. It simplifies complex concepts, products, or ideas into easily digestible visual and auditory information. By utilizing visual storytelling techniques, it boosts viewer understanding and retention of the key message. Explainer videos cater to the modern audience’s preference for visual content and help convey information in a memorable and entertaining manner. They can be shared across various platforms, maximizing their reach and potential impact on the target audience.