FEVR is a design-driven studio and animation company based in NYC and LA and specializing in 2D, 3D motion graphics and animation

We are a team of directors, artists, designers and strategic thinkers working closely together. We are passionate about creating colorful and aesthetic design and illustrations that we animate to tell our clients’ very special stories.

We believe each project has a unique opportunity for expression and beauty. Our work is particularly focused on small details because we know from experience that they make all the difference.

Abstract, complex messages can be difficult to convey, so we help by transforming these concepts into meaningful videos. It’s all about finding the right metaphor, creating compelling narratives and combining it with the perfect design.

We work closely with our clients, creating opportunities for discussion and exchange at each step of the production process. The ultimate priority of our motion graphics company is to know that our clients are happy with their FEVR experience. This is not only because your positive reviews and endorsements help us grow our business, but simply because happiness and kindness are what give meaning to life—and business interactions should be saturated with them!



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Selected clients

We love that our clients come from various industry sectors. We are privileged to apply creative diversity in areas including: leading brands, non-profit, luxury industry, healthcare and medical, banking and financial, tech and IT, advertising and marketing.

Our clients

Here is our Hall of Fame

We regularly make movies for fun, without client brief.
Some are experiencing great successes online or in festivals.
Thanks to all the people who like and share them all around the world.
Cheers !