We are FEVR. Animation Studio & Motion Graphics Company.

We are a Motion Graphics Agency and 2D & 3D Animation Studio, excelling in artistic direction, visual storytelling, and animation – the three pillars of our creative activity.

As a renowned industry leader, we have successfully generated numerous productions and crafted emblematic films that showcase our specific expertise. With our established production processes executed by a diligent and dedicated team, we consistently meet the expectations of our discerning clients, while upholding their budgetary constraints and project timelines.

The clients

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We collaborate with prestigious clients, from industry leaders to ambitious startups, spanning across diverse sectors, all striving for excellence and success. Embedded within our approach is a dedication to openness, which empowers us to cultivate diversified expertise that we leverage to benefit a multitude of sectors, including luxury, finance, sports, technology, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), among others.

As part of our DNA, this diversity allows us to meet the specific needs of each vertical by adapting our skills and creativity, contributing to the success of our clients in every single project.

The People

Picture traditional animation storyboard

Passionate collaboration lies at the core of our approach, bringing together a meticulous team with diverse giftings, backgrounds, and experiences, whether working in our studio or remotely.

We are a collective of creative and inquisitive artisans who effortlessly navigate both traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge tools of artificial intelligence (AI). Firm in our belief that the most exceptional ideas arise from collective reflection and the infusion of diverse and unexpected perspectives, we embrace the power of collaboration to shape our identity.

The Mindset.

We always recognize the human element as the conductor of this ever-evolving ensemble. As we forge ahead to shape the future, we steadfastly uphold our commitment to authenticity, passion, and excellence. This balance between technology and humanity empowers us to unleash limitless creativity to serve our clients and their brands.