Mixed Media Animation

Mixed media animation combines a different variety of media (like photography, illustrations, drawings, paintings, magazine cutouts) and animation techniques to create a unique and visually stunning final video.


What is mixed media animation ?

When talking about animation, there’s plenty of styles we can look into, 2D, 3D, 2.5D, and a very special one is Mixed Media. In mixed media animation different art mediums come together to form one single video. This can consist of photography, illustrations, drawings, paintings, magazine cutouts etc. Mixing all these different mediums creates a very fun and engaging video. Most of the time it comes with a corky look and feel but this little detail is what makes the magic.

What use for Mixed Media Videos?

Mixed media videos can be used for many purposes : promo ads, brand animations, explainer videos, campaigns. This technique is super fun and we love the creative process that allows us to play and get inventive. With Mixed media we can use newer materials along with older materials – some of them are history! It gives fantastic artistic possibilities to tell a story. A wider range of video styles can be crafted by using collage-like mix with both analog and digital elements.