2D Animation Showreel

2D Animation (also called frame by frame or cel animation) is a classic and high quality way to bring characters and stories to life. It’s a traditional animation technique where each frame is drawn individually, either by hand or digitally, to create the illusion of movement. When played back in sequence at a certain speed (typically 12 or 24 frames per second), these individual images give the appearance of continuous motion. Here is some of our most exciting works, that reflect our passion for animation, storytelling, and explosive creative expression.

The animation process kicks off with sketching out the character in various key poses and expressions. These sketches lay the groundwork for our frame-by-frame animation. Paying close attention to detail is key because each frame plays a crucial role in how the character moves and comes across. Animating frame by frame means putting together a series of drawings that capture the character’s movements smoothly. Here is an example with our “Skateboarding is not a crime” 2D video.

We meticulously consider timing, spacing, and the character’s physical traits to make sure the animation feels natural and believable. It’s crucial that the character’s expressions and body language match their emotions and actions in the storyline. To nail this stage, at FEVR we use wide digital tablets to seamlessly integrate the drawing frames into our software workflow.

Picture traditional animation storyboard
Doodles NFT illustration cintiq FEVR Animation Company New York