Animation Studio 3D – The Color Room

Giphy asked our animation studio to create a short, highly colorful 3D animation that would blend many nested shapes together. We love this simple and aesthetic 3D world, where we have to plan ahead for the numerous shapes we’ll use and how they will move—a kind of digital Chinese puzzle!

3D Animation Studio graphic visual 3D gif 3D visual crazy color room by FEVR 3D Animation Studio New York

A simple and highly colorful 3D design composed of geometric shapes can be compelling for brands in their communication for several reasons. First, its visual impact is undeniable; the vibrant colors and clean geometric shapes immediately capture the viewer’s attention, making it visually striking and memorable. Additionally, the simplicity of the design ensures that viewers can easily understand and process the brand message, facilitating effective communication. Furthermore, this style often conveys a modern and cutting-edge feel, which aligns well with brands looking to appear forward-thinking and innovative.

Geometric shapes offer versatility in representing various concepts and ideas, allowing for flexibility in brand messaging. They can symbolize harmony, balance, creativity, structure, and much more, making them adaptable to different communication goals. Consistency in using this style across various marketing materials also aids in brand recognition and establishes a cohesive brand identity. Moreover, the cross-platform compatibility of 3D graphics with geometric shapes ensures that the brand message is cohesive and effective across different channels, from websites and social media to print materials and video content.

3D Animation Studio USA visual 3D gif 3D visual crazy color room by FEVR 3D Animation Studio New York