Embryoliss – 2D Animation

This 2D animation video retraces the history of the Embryoliss brand. The soft colors and illustration style reflect the clean and delicate universe of this French brand.

After working on the scenario and voice-over script with the client, we presented two different creative directions through several styleframes to find the chosen color scheme and graphic style for this video.

Paris styleframe 2d animation FEVR motion graphics

Based on the storytelling and voice-over script, we created a complete storyboard (with sketched keyframes at different moments of the 2D animation) to provide a clear vision of the whole project before diving into the animation process.

Illustrated storyboard 2d animation FEVR motion graphics

The video story: In the 1950s, in Paris, Dr. Tricot, a dermatologist, conducted numerous research studies. He wanted to create a simple, universal, and accessible product that could treat skin pathologies of his patients.

chemist styleframe 2d animation FEVR motion graphics

After many trials, Dr. Tricot found THE formula, and the Embryoliss Lait-Crème Concentré was born. Embryoliss products quickly spread all over France and then worldwide! Embryoliss products arrived on the shelves of VIPs and celebrities who are always looking for the best cosmetic innovations from medical research.

Illustrated styleframe 2d animation FEVR motion graphics

We created this illustrated 2D animation & motion graphics video in our motion graphics studio in New York. For this film, we relied on historical documents, including photos, which were transformed into illustrations and then integrated into our animation solution by our motion graphic designers.

2d animator working on 2d animation at FEVR studio NYC motion graphics