Mixed Media Video Showreel

This showreel features clips from various movies we have made in this creative discipline we love and in which we hold significant experience. Mixed Media Animation, also known as video collage animation, blends elements from real photos, videos, illustrations, and magazine or newspaper cutouts.

These components are seamlessly integrated with graphics and special effects through diverse animation techniques. This approach marries the depth of a static collage with the dynamism of animation, resulting in a captivating multimedia showcase.

Dior illustration mixed media FEVR Motion Graphics Company NYC
storyboard mixed media video collage FEVR Motion graphics company New York and Los Angeles

The popularity of video collage animation has surged in recent years, thanks to its versatility, flexibility, and limitless creative potential. It’s not just an art form — it’s a medium for storytelling, capable of narrating complex narratives, stirring emotions, and captivating viewers with its striking visual appeal.

Motion graphics add dynamism by introducing fluid movement to each element, transforming static images into an immersive visual experience that enhances the narrative and aesthetic value. Animators are in a creative playground and have the power to manipulate every detail, from color and texture to movement and interaction, offering unlimited creative possibilities.