Video Mixed Media Urban Pulse

Urban Pulse is a new brand of headphones that deliver high-definition sound. They have chosen us to create a mixed-media animated video which blends live-action footage with colorful and dynamic motion graphics animations. This hybrid style with slightly old-school color tones offers a multi-layered visual experience that bridges the gap between reality and imagination.

mixed media motion graphics video rough illustration graphic research by FEVR Motion Graphics Studio

By combining the tangible authenticity of real-world images with the infinite creative possibilities of animated graphics, we infuse the content with a fresh and unique flavor, attracting viewers who are eager to push traditional boundaries. This trend reflects a broader movement toward multimedia content that embraces diversity in form, function, and expression, making it a popular choice for brands, artists, and storytellers looking to make an impactful connection with their audience. Then we cut the film into different sequences to envision the transitions and the overall organization through a storyboard.

mixed media motion graphics video storyboard by FEVR Los Angeles

This brief shows that with Urban Pulse, you aren’t just wearing headphones, but you are adopting a lifestyle, a culture, and a rhythm that echoes the vibrant spirit of the urban jungle. We have therefore designed Urban Pulse as the perfect companion for those who live on the move and aspire to feel the beat with every stride, and this mixed-media style allowed us to highlight this connection. Here, we can see street dancers evolving to the music, tracing colorful patterns that follow each of their movements with vibrant and thrilling graphics, visualizing the rhythm coursing through their bodies.

mixed media motion graphics company new york mixed media motion graphics video rough illustration graphic research by FEVR Motion Graphics Studio

Urban Pulse headphones are designed with cutting-edge audio technology to provide a high-definition sound experience. They perfectly blend the best aspects of high-fidelity sound and wireless technology to deliver a crisp and immersive sound that will make every song, every beat, and every word touch the heart directly. Whether you’re listening to hip hop, streaming pop, or tuning into electro, Urban Pulse enhances your musical experience.