2D Animation Tracy Locke Manifesto

Tracy-Locke selected us to develop a 90-second manifesto video in graphic motion design to communicate their new positioning: “We are compelling commerce”. The purpose of this presentation reel is to raise awareness of the agency’s approach and philosophy and to generate enthusiasm among potential customers and employees.

Motion graphics Explainer video illustration rough storyboard FEVR New York Los Angeles
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Motion design proved to be the best way to communicate Tracy-Locke’s new positioning and specialized offerings that bridge purpose, culture, and commerce to help engage and convert people on a much more personal level.

rough storyboard for animation motion graphics FEVR New York Los Angeles Motion graphics Explainer video illustration

To convey the message in a creative, playful yet engaging way we worked on a hand draw storyboard to see how we can combines simple illustrations, subtle camera movements, visual effects, and fluid transitions to tell the story in an elegant, minimalist manner.

Styleframe 2D animation illustration FEVR Explainer Video Company Motion graphics

Finally, it’s not just about technical prowess; it’s also about storytelling and establishing an emotional connection with the audience, which aligns perfectly with Tracy-Locke’s ethos.

Motion graphics Explainer video illustration textured FEVR New York

Tracy-Locke is a commercial agency known for its constant focus on the future and willingness to embrace innovative thinking, qualities that have kept them at the forefront of commerce for over a century. Their strength lies in bringing an unparalleled level of empathy, technology, and creativity to design experiences that spark conversation and conversion, building brands at the speed and scale of commerce.

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