Showreel FEVR 2023

This animated showreel features snippets from our latest creations. It’s a true compilation of various styles showcasing the talent and creativity of our designers and illustrators, as well as the technical skills of our animators. 

2d character animation spritz cocktail aperol by FEVR animation studio new york

Our playground brings many different disciplines together and we are particularly experienced and passionate about a few of them. Therefore, you will find them well-represented in our demo that includes Motion graphics, Mixed Media or Frame by Frame animation.

We love character-driven 2D animation. By infusing life into captivating personas, we give them depth and emotion while crafting unforgettable tales.

Mixed Media Video Collage colors animation motion graphics new york

Through mixed media, we blend diverse visual elements, textures, and techniques, resulting in a visually rich animated experience.

Luxury Mixed Media Video Collage Dior by FEVR Motion Graphics Company

With Cel Animation (or frame by frame animation), we can animate any storytelling in a dynamic way and with ultra-smooth transitions. This is truly animation without limits!

cel animation traditional animation frame by frame animation

We are staunch advocates for motion design and motion graphics, manipulating shapes and typography to captivate audiences through smooth transitions and intriguing effects.

Motion Graphics geometric coinbase financial by FEVR motion design studio

We are a Motion Graphics Agency & 2D 3D Animation Studio, excelling in artistic direction, visual storytelling, and animation. These three pillars constitute the core of our creative activity, driving us to deliver exceptional results for every project we undertake. Each film we create is a canvas upon which a unique story unfolds, and we’re can’t wait to hear about yours. Whether you’re delving into innovative visual styles or pioneering new production methods, we stand ready to provide the expertise and support needed to bring your vision to life on the screen.

Graphic Motion Design FEVR animation studio motion graphics agency

Let’s connect and embark on this creative journey together, weaving magic into every frame of your video project. Our team is committed to realizing your ideas with passion, precision, and unparalleled creativity. Let’s collaborate and craft something truly extraordinary!