Graphic Motion Design School House

Our friends at School House reach out to us to produce seven animated icons in motion graphics, each reflecting one of their unique capabilities. They desired simple, seamless images that illustrate the essence of each capability, demonstrating how each one works in tandem with others to drive brand growth. The icons are available as still images, 5-second loop animations, and one group animation.

Motion graphics proved to be the optimal method for creating these icons, conveying the message in a creative, clean, minimalist yet engaging manner. The use of geometric shapes, with careful attention to detail to enhance the harmony between lines, shapes, and compositions, aligns perfectly with Front Row’s needs.

Once each icon is animated, the rendering becomes fluid and coordinated, flowing together in a graphic choreography. After a briefing on the requirements, we conducted extensive graphic research, starting with pencil sketches before moving on Adobe Illustrator to refine the evolution of vector shapes and the storyboard.

School House has recently been rebranded as Front Row. Despite the change in name, their mission remains unchanged: to be a business partner that stimulates and nurtures brand possibilities on a global scale. Leveraging their in-depth expertise and proprietary technology, they design, market, distribute, and accelerate the world’s most influential and promising brands.