Animation Studio FEVR x In Spritz We Trust

In crafting this Frame by frame 2D Animation, as always we started by conceptualizing the idea of the graphic universe and the storyline of the video. In our initial brainstorming sessions, the notion of “diving into a cocktail glass” naturally bubbled up. We swiftly confirmed the idea of immersing ourselves into the heart of this sparkling orange world of a refreshingly cold *Spritz cocktail (a renowned Venetian cocktail made up of Prosecco, sparkling water and Aperol, a bitter orange liqueur that gives this unique flavor!)

2D animation Studio FEVR New York Los Angeles illustration cocktail spritz drinks
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Our team of illustrators then took a deep dive into defining the entire graphic concept, extending the color palette from the cocktail’s orange hue to the lighter and more traditional shade of a real orange.

CIntiq 27 digital tablet illustration storyboard at FEVR New York Animation and motion graphics studio

To embody the captivating European charm, we wanted to give life to a glamorous character. So we imagined this young woman, relaxing on the beach with her cocktail. And we embarked on “Character Design” research to establish her style, proportions, appearance, and overall look. Then we cut the film into different sequences to imagine the smooth transitions and the overall organization through a hand-drawn storyboard.

2d animation storyboard cocktail spritz cel animation frame by frame animation
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To ensure smooth transitions and character movement in the animation, we used traditional 2D animation techniques to maintain an organic fluidity throughout this 30-second short. Because it is created frame by frame, this technique allows us to achieve high-quality motion and gives us total freedom in a character’s actions, an object’s movement, or a decor element. This means we fully illustrate 12 frames per second of animation.

Aperol Spritz illustration animation 2D animation frame by frame animation cocktail illustration drinks traditional animation FEVR New York

Once we’ve breathed life into each scene of this orange-hued summer universe, all that remains is to create an audio mix to add depth to the film, blending in sound design harmoniously with the music. Some might even tell you that it’s within these bubbles that we generally find our inspiration, as we have now become masters in the art of creating them! Cheers!

Cocktail illustration aperol spritz 2d animation character design cocktail drinks
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